Murco M-100 Hypo_Allergenic

Joint and Stucco compound

A Powdered all purpose joint cement & texture compound formulated with inert fillers and natural binders only. It does not contain any preservatives or slow releasing compounds and mixes easily with tap water..

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Dura Pro AF0044

DURA PRO AF0044 is a water-based adhesive for the indoor installation of ceramic tiles on walls, floors and countertops. This adhesive may be used on most surfaces including concrete, cinder blocks, gypsum boards and plywood. VOC 1.2g /Ltr

Dura Pro AW 2300

DURA PRO AW 2300 is an aliphatic resin adhesive with superior characteristics designed for high quality woodworking. AW 2300 has excellent wet tack for faster gripping action and less slippage during clamping. It allows alignment of pieces and forms strong and durable bonds on hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, hardboard and other porous materials (not recommended for exotic wood). When dry, AW 2300 is resistant to lacquers, paints and varnishes. AW2300 resists softening heat generated by sanding and cutting VOC <50g/Ltr

ECO-BOND adhesives

are the non-toxic replacement for all silicones, caulks & adhesives.

Competitively priced, high performance. child and pet safe.

All ECO-BOND products are a VOC free hybrid (HEB) Polymer that remains flexible and will not shrink, crack or dry out.

Frost free, with a Service Temperature range of -40º to +200ºF, temporarily resistant to 390ºF.

ECO-BOND® provides the maximum allowable LEED & NAHB points.

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RCD #6 Mastic

Low & High Velocity air duct sealant

RCD Corporation #6 Mastic low to high velocity air duct sealant permanently seals the joints and seams of thermal insulation, crawl space vapor retarder, house wrap and all air duct types including UL listed air ducts.

#6 Mastic also seals leaks in return air ducts, supply ducts, air handlers, plenums, grilles, registers, dampers, and boots and is used in home sealing to reduce air infiltration into the living area.

Improves indoor air quality, reduces humidity, increases comfort and saves energy.

Easy application by brush, trowel, palm, spray, or extrusion.

#6 Mastic is weather resistant, fiber reinforced, contains ceramic microspheres, water borne, non-flammable, earns LEED credits and UL listed

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