Adhesive Products

Leaking areas in the building envelope cause energy loss and can lead to massive damage to the building due to mould.

Mould does not only damage the building construction and surfaces, but may cause serious health consequences for the occupants because of the mould spores in the indoor air, e.g. allergies and respiratory diseases. Children and older people are particularly sensitive to such influences.

To prevent this the detailed construction work must be professionally and thoroughly carried out and critical areas carefully sealed.

With our SIGA system you can save a lot of energy after building or renovation of a house. Thanks to a thoroughly sealed air and windtight building envelope heat stays where it belongs – in the house. This will considerably reduce your heating costs, unlike a building envelope with sealing gaps.

SIGA High-Performance Adhesive Products:

  • Reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Protect against building damage by avoiding mould.
  • Provide a cozy living atmosphere by stopping draughts.
  • Lock out odours, noise and summer heat.
  • Contain no wood preservatives.
  • Increases the value of your house.

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